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musica europa was founded by Kerstin Weiß in 2010 in order to perform Castle
Festivals in Marburg. The unique concept is to focus on a different European
country each summer. Therefore
musica europa performs one significant opus of
musictheatre of the accordant country as well as a world premiere for children
composed by a composer of the accordant country. An additional aim is the
cultural exchange of the artists of the respective country with those of Marburg
in order to create, rehearse and perform together.

In 2012 musica europa started with
Castle Festival - 3 DAYS OF MARIBOR
focussing on Slovania, continued with the Castle Festival - SPAIN in 2013,
in 2014 with the
Castle Festival - ENGLAND, in 2015 with the Castle Festival
and in July 2016 with the Castle Festival - FRANCE combining
artists of the respective country and of Marburg.

The target of musica europa will be the presentation of concerts and opera to a
wide public. At the same time the city of Marburg presents itself as a regional
cultural center. It will strengthen its position as an important tourist destination
with the combination of regional and international artists and with the unique flair
of the castle.

Since 2017 musica europa is focussing on contemporary music-theater-productions
for kids. In cooperation with an elementary school pupils composed with
Maxim Seloujanov (resident in Vienna) the opera "THE GHOST OF THE CASTLE &
the wooden yob". After the composition workshop the kids participated in an
opera workshop, in which they witnessed the staging. 5 kids performed
the piece together with a professional singer, a puppeteer and a musician
in the castle 2018.

Responsible for the management is Kerstin Weiß, the artistic direction Enke
Eisenberg and for the musical direction André Hammerschmied.

musica europa
Gossfeldenerstrasse 56
35041 Marburg
0049-177-40 83 644